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8va Bassa - Open 

A weekend filled with:
- Masterclasses
- Concerts
- Ensembles
- No hierarchy
- Only Tuba's

This event will be launched from 2-3 September 2022.
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8va Bassa - Podcast

Out now! Episode  2of 'The man behind the Tuba' - Sergio Carolino! 

8va Bassa will make portraits of tuba players, about the meaning of music, about tuba and other non-musical topics. 

The introduction of a new community! 

We are proud that we finally can present our community: 8va Bassa! With this platform we want to unite and enrich the tuba community. Hierarchy does not exist, meaning, the community is for everyone that shares a passion for tuba. Worldwide! 

We want to present ideas, workshops, 8va bassa - open, podcasts and more. All in order to make information available to whom it wants to know. 

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