8va Bassa - Rex Martin tuba days

31 March - 2 April  2023

Perry Hoogendijk had the amazing idea of a unique collaboration between 8va Bassa, the conservatory of Amsterdam and the conservatory of Tilburg!

We are proud to present the 8va Bassa-Rex Martin tuba days on 31March - 2 April 2023 at the beautiful and unique venue of Akoesticum in The Netherlands.

You can be there as well!! 

Although the days are filled with masterclasses and lectures for all students, you can visit these days passively in a passe partout for 10€ per day and learn from the best! 
Our goal is to reach everyone that wants to join us, from amateur to professional tuba player, to explore and enjoy this weekend.

All days will start around 10.00h.

Send a message to luc.geraats@akoesticum.org to book your place!