8va Bassa is a combined initiative of Akoesticum Open, Bert Damsma and Luc Geraats to give the tuba community in the Netherlands, Belgium and all over the world a platform to learn from each other, grow and enjoy tuba. It's goal is to unite the tuba community, and to provide in the need of masterclasses, festivals, podcast and much more. 

Some of the activities are:
8va Bassa - Open 
8va Bassa - Podcast

Akoesticum Open 

8va Bassa Open is a part of the bigger structure of Akoesticum Open. Akoesticum Open organizes and facilitates festivals for all kinds of different instruments following the Dutch Bass Trombone Open blueprint.
8va Bassa - Open is the second initiative in the 'open' concept. 

Bert Damsma 

Is project manager for Akoesticum Open. He started together with Marcel Schot the Dutch Bass Trombone Open, which is the blueprint for the concept of 8va Bassa - Open. Bert is a freelance basstrombone player and also doubles on tuba.

Luc Geraats

Dutch tuba player and artistic director of 8va Bassa. 
He is currently playing in the Orchestra of the Royal Dutch Airforce, Mosa Brass Quintet, and the 'Baggeraats Collectief'. 
Luc is professor at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts (AMPA) Tilburg.